How are global universities helping broaden access to master’s and doctoral education?

"Promoting Access for Refugees to Graduate Education at The American University in Cairo" by Adham Ramadan, Dean, Graduate Studies, American University in Cairo

With a refugee population of about 250,000 registered at UNHCR in Egypt, The American University in Cairo (AUC) pioneered an initiative in 2017 to promote the access to graduate education to refugees. A fellowship program was established with financial support more extensive than other graduate fellowships at AUC. Additionally, provisions for non-financial support were implemented. Graduate studies opportunities for refugees at The American University in Cairo not only represent life-changing prospects to refugees, but also add a valuable dimension to diversity on campus.

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"Supporting Diversity in Australia’s Graduate Research Programs" by Fiona Zammit, Executive Officer, Australian Council of Graduate Research

Across Australia’s university sector, engagement in graduate research programs by underrepresented groups is slowly increasing. This improvement can be attributed to the nation’s well defined national equity agenda, effective funding schemes and national programs, accessible good practice statements and the broad and generous sharing of good practice across the sector. Targets and programs are not nationally mandated but institutions are provided with the tools to set their own equity priorities and establish plans and programs to meet their objectives. This essay describes the legislative framework for higher education provision in Australia, defines the equity groupings that resonate in our institutions and explains how our national systems and local universities have acted to broaden participation in graduate research training programs.

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